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RTU – One of the Top 100 Greenest Universities in the World

5th of December, 2019

Riga Technical University (RTU) is ranked among 100 greenest universities in the world, ranking 93–95 in the GreenMetric for green politics and sustainability. RTU has obtained  equal number of points with two Spanish universities. It is a significant achievement compared to 2018, when RTU was ranked 128th. Moreover, RTU remains the only higher education institution in Latvia that has been ranked so high. In the GreenMetric Rankings, world universities are ranked according to their commitment to reducing environmental impact.

Higher education institutions’ compliance with the green principles is assessed by six criteria: common infrastructure, energy efficiency and climate change mitigation activities, waste management, efficient use of water resources, transport infrastructure and environmental education.

Compared to the previous year, RTU has improved its performance in four indicators – waste management, efficient use of water resources, environmental education and transport infrastructure. RTU activities related to energy efficiency and climate change mitigation are highly evaluated on a regular basis. According to the six criteria, RTU performance is the same with that of two Spanish universities: the University of Girona and the University of Navarra; they all are ranked 93 to 95.

Wageningen University and Research (the Netherlands) is ranked first, followed by the Oxford University (the United Kingdom) and the University of California, Davis (the United States). The ranking also includes Rezekne Academy of Technologies and Daugavpils University that are ranked 619th and 640th, respectively. This year, a total of 780 higher education institutions from 85 countries have been ranked. The GreenMetric rating was established in 2010. Year by year the number of participating higher education institutions is increasing.

To reduce human impact on the environment and climate change, RTU is committed to introducing the concept of Green Ķīpsala at its campus by 2023. To achieve the goal, RTU is improving its infrastructure in compliance with sustainability principles, changing student and staff habits, and using innovative green products and technologies developed by RTU researchers in Ķīpsala campus infrastructure.

GreenMetric Rankings

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5th of December, 2019 at 10:44

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