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On 1 March, The University of Liepāja Will Join the RTU Ecosystem, Strenghtening Its Role in the Development of Kurzeme and Latvia

29th of February
RTU Rector Tālis Juhna and LiepU Rector Dace Medne meet with students in Liepāja. Photo by Toms Norde

More power in studies and science, more opportunities for students and faculty and the creation of a new educational ecosystem in Kurzeme - such changes are expected after the government decision on 1 March that Liepaja University (Liepāja University) will join Riga Technical University (RTU) as a separate structural unit, retaining its autonomy and the humanities and social sciences characteristic of the university.

«Students believe that the merger will give us more opportunities for practice and a choice of improved study programmes. In turn, the increased reputation will promote graduate employability, while improvements in science and research, as well as better resource management and exchange of expertise will improve the quality of studies and the prestige of the degree,» says Niklāvs Oļševskis, Chairman of the LiepU Student Council, of LiepU's integration into the RTU ecosystem.

RTU will ensure continuity of studies at LiepU, will continue to implement study programmes in the accredited fields of study, as well as licensed or approved professional development education programmes, professional competence development programmes for teachers and professional qualification development programmes. RTU will also take over the employment relations with the academic and general staff of the university involved in the implementation of the study programmes and the obligations in the implementation of several European Union (EU) Structural Funds projects, as well as the immovable property.  

After the accession, RTU LiepU will be called RTU Liepāja Academy or «RTU Liepāja» and under this brand a new educational ecosystem will be created in Kurzeme, strengthening engineering, high-tech and innovation capacity and thus contributing to the growth of the region, while also preserving and developing the humanities and social sciences characteristic of LiepU. Given LiepU's strong pedagogical orientation, the development of engineering pedagogy will also be promoted in the future, offering a solution to the shortage of science and science teachers in Latvian schools. 

To ensure the strategic activities of RTU Liepaja Academy, a Development Council of RTU Liepaja Academy will be formed, which will include representatives of the Ministry of Education and Science (MoES), Liepaja Municipality, RTU Liepaja Academy and RTU, as well as industry representatives.

LiepU is the largest higher education institution in Kurzeme, offering courses in social sciences and entrepreneurship, humanities and arts, natural sciences, mathematics and information technologies, teacher education and educational sciences, as well as social welfare. The aim of LiepU is to be a promoter of education, science, innovation and cultural development of Liepāja and Kurzeme, providing competitive, nationally and internationally relevant studies necessary for the development of the region, conducting study-related, nationally and internationally recognised research and contributing to the sustainable development of society.

RTU is a modern, internationally renowned and prestigious multidisciplinary technical university, the only one of its kind in Latvia. RTU offers a comprehensive education in high technology and engineering, as well as in the social sciences and humanities.

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29th of February at 12:07

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