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Guest lercture «Principles of Success as Young Professional»

5th of April

Ryan Davis is visiting Latvia and wants to share his experience with RTU students!

Why do so many people with good academics and strong CV struggle to succeed after university - especially as an entrepreneur or young professional? Learn what principles and techniques help young people make progress in their careers while others spin their wheels. Learn how to extend those ideas beyond your professional work and into your personal goals as well.

Ryan Davis is from Nashville, TN. He spent 8 years with the Southwestern Advantage sales & leadership program, visiting with more than 20,000 prospects. He became a Top Lifetime Producer in sales, signing more than 2,000 clients. In 2011, he was hired at the company's Nashville headquarters where he trained on increasing business through social media marketing and was later promoted to Director of Sales Development. In spring of 2020, Ryan began creating and building the Southwestern LEΔD program – an international leadership training and mentorship program designed to help young people build the skills and character they need to achieve their goals in life. He has taught business development and personal leadership skills to over 10,000 young professionals across the U.S. and Europe.

Speaker: Ryan Davis
Time: 4.30 PM
Place: RTU Campus, Ķīpsalas street 6A, room 127 (A1.2)
Planned duration: ~1,5 h
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5th of April at 14:57

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