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Latvia in CERN

Latvia's involvement in CERN's activities is not only related to scientific research. CERN operates Latvian representative. Latvian young scientists participate in summer schools organized by CERN. Students and physics teachers from Latvia visit CERN to gain a broader view of particle physics related issues. All these activities allow us to show the achievements of science and encourage ourselves to participate at expanding the boundaries of knowledge.

  • Scientific research:
    • Latvia has joined the FCC collaboration;
    • RTU and UL scientist groups participate at ARIES project;
    • Latvia is participating at CMS experiment;
    • RTU PhD student participates at the study of the binding of the hadrons in the color field during the collapse of the top quark;
    • RTU student investigates the possibilities of the creation of robotic systems for the identification of human critical signs of life;
    • The use of accelerators for the treatment of exhaust gases is being investigated;
    • Latvian representative operates at CERN as scientific associate.
  • Education and outreach activities:
    • School pupils and physics teachers visits at CERN;
    • Doctoral students visits at CERN;
    • CERN summer school;
    • Visits of official state representatives and social partners to CERN.
  • Industrial collaboration:
    • Latvian industry visit at CERN to explore options for industry collaboration/participation at CERN tenders;
    • Scientific collaboration between SIA „Primekss”, CERN, RTU amd UL Solid State Physics Institute  for creation of concrete with enhanced properties.

All those activities are related to Latvia collaboration with CERN and way towards becoming a Associate Member state of CERN. And of course boosting up our science and industry!


CERN summer school

Educational visits (pupils, teachers, doctoral students)

Latvian representative at CERN