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Study programmes

This year, the RTU initiative in developing high energy particle physics in Latvia has gained a new direction. RTU High Energy Particle Physics and Accelerator Technology Center prepared an application for the creation of a new doctoral study program in the European Structural Funds Call for Proposals «8.2.1. Reduce fragmentation of study programs and strengthen resource sharing».

The aim of the application is to create a new study program «Particle Physics and Accelerator Technology», which is planned to be implemented together with the University of Latvia and the leading universities of the Baltic States. The motivation for establishing a PhD program in particle physics and accelerator technology is as follows:

  • To prepare field experts in order to boost knowledge intensive industries in Latvian economy.
  • To educate scientific staff for doing high level and globally competitive scientific research.
  • To enable above mentioned scientific personnel to transfer obtained knowledge to economy.
  • To continue Latvia’s accession to CERN and fulfil obligations agreed between CERN and Latvian government officials to strengthen particle physics and accelerator technology community in Latvia by creating this study program.
Particle physics, accelerator technology, scientific research, study and industry experts from Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and CERN are involved in the development of the study program, which are ready to make a valuable contribution for the development of the study program:


  • Academician Dr. habil. sc. ing. Leonīds Ribickis
  • Asoc. prof. Toms Torims
  • Prof. Jurijs Dehtjars
  • Prof. Aleksejs Kataševs
  • Dr. sc. ing. Kalvis Kravalis
  • Mg. sc. Viesturs Veckalns


  • Prof. Dr. phil. Mārcis Auziņš
  • Dr. phys. Guntars Kitenbergs
  • Asoc. prof. Dr. phil. Vjačeslavs Kasčejevs

Tallinn University of Technology

  • Prof. Dr. phil. Jaan Kalda
  • Asoc. prof. Dr. sc. ing. Fjodor Sergejev

Vilnius University:

  • Dr. phil. Aurelijus Rinkevicius
  • Dr. phil. Andrius Juodagalvis

University of Tartu

  • Dr. phil. Stefan Groote
  • Dr. phil. Laur Järv

Kaunas Technical University

  • Prof. Sigitas Tamulevičius
  • Asoc. prof. Kristina Ukvalbergienė
  • Prof. Leonas Balaševičius  

National Institute of Chemical Physics and Biophysics (NICPB), Tallin

  • Dr. phys. Andi Hektor


  • Dr. Maurizio Vretenar
  • Dr. Christoph Schaefer

Industry representative:

  • Dr. Vladimir Gostillo - Chairman of the Board of SIA «Baltic Scientific Instruments»

Project application evaluation results are expected until mid-2019, when the implementation of the study program can be started.

Guest lectures