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The New Study Programme «Particle Physics and Accelerator Technology»

Within the framework of the ESF project «Reducing Fragmentation of the Study Programs at Riga Technical University and Strengthening Resource Sharing» (No. RTU High Energy Particle Physics and Accelerator Technology Centre is working with the development of a new doctoral study programme «Particle Physics and Accelerator Technology».

The study program is aimed at preparing new specialists for the fields with high innovation potential, focused on particle physics, basic engineering processes, programming guidelines, large data concepts and particle detection techniques. The new specialists will specialize in one or more of the above-mentioned fields within their promotion work. As the example of CERN has shown, technology transfer from particle physics can also add high value technology in classical industries such as the food industry and material science, production, innovative diagnostic and therapeutic methods, computing and imaging techniques are the way how scientific achievements can contribute to the benefits of society. 

The motivation for establishing a PhD programme in particle physics and accelerator technology is as follows: 

  • To prepare field experts in order to boost knowledge intensive industries in Latvian economy; 
  • To educate scientific staff for doing high level and globally competitive scientific research; 
  • To enable the above-mentioned scientific personnel to transfer obtained knowledge to economy; 
  • To continue Latvia’s accession to CERN and fulfil obligations agreed between CERN and Latvian government officials to strengthen particle physics and accelerator technology community in Latvia by creating this study programme. 

Objectives of the programme:

  • To maximize EE, LV, LT return from CERN membership – for industry and for research institution/universities;
  • To minimize brain drain;
  • Opportunity for new generations;
  • To prepare specialists for industries in Baltic Countries – both physics and accelerator technologies.

Cooperation with Baltics and CERN
It will be created and carried out jointly using already existing competences in higher education institutions.  To create the program, it is going to engage the specialists of the CERN Baltic group for higher education. The focus of the program is Latvian and Baltic students, potentially offering it for students outside the Baltic region. This will strengthen the creation of a united Baltic educational space, which will strengthen a united scientific community in the Baltics.

The program as well will attract highly qualified academic staff from CERN and leading European universities to create excellence in the study and compete successfully with European study programs. 

Time schedule 
It is planned that the Study Program will be licensed until April 2021, the Pilot realisation of the programme will be open in September 2021. And we are expecting that the study direction will be accredited till the end of 2022.

Ongoing activities
On April 28, 2020 RTU and University of Latvia (UL) concluded an agreement about the creation of the study program. The program will promote resource sharing and closer co-operation between the leading Latvian universities (RTU and UL). 

Working group
The composition of the working group: RTU, UL, Riga Stradiņš University, Tallinn University of Technology, University of Tartu, National Institute of Chemical Physics and Biophysics (NICPB) – Estonia, Vilnius University, Kaunas Technical University, CERN, CERN Baltic group, SIA "Baltic Scientific Instruments".

Project: No. “Reducing Fragmentation of the Study Programs at Riga Technical University and Strengthening Resource Sharing” 
Project Funded by: European Social Fund.

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