RTU Center of High Energy Physics and Accelerator Technologies
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RTU Center of High Energy Physics and Accelerator Technologies

Study Program Group

The aim of the group is strengthening and development of Baltic High Energy Physics community by development of the Baltic international multidisciplinary masters/doctoral lever study program in High Energy Physics and Accelerator Technologies.

The first step is already taken – RTU has submitted a proposal for European Structural funds project contest for development of doctoral study program «High Energy Particle Physics and Accelerator Technologies». The evaluation of proposal is expected till this summer.

  • Objectives of the program are following:
  1. To maximize EE, LV, LT return from CERN membership – for industry and for research institution/universities.
  2. To minimize brain drain.
  3. Opportunity for new generations.
  4. To prepare specialists for industries in Baltic Countries – both physics and accelerator technologies.
  • Group has agreed:
  1. To keep it open for international students and not to limit to Members.
  2. To avoid fragmentation – to have broad subjects.
  3. To include Big data and data science in curricula on top of high energy particle physics and accelerator technology.
  4. To do risk/benefit analysis for all participants – to have situation awareness.
  • Challenges:
  1. How to get enough students interested?
  2. Legal issues – double diplomas, etc.
  3. Mobility of students.
  4. Distance learning and modular system.

Leader Prof. Mārcis Auziņš, assistant – Kalvis Kravalis.