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RTU Center of High Energy Physics and Accelerator Technologies

Industry Group

Objectives of the group:

  • To identify the best possibilities to maximize industries return from participation at CERN participating at CERN purchase contests.
  • Matching the best industry partners for research.
  • Joining the efforts of all three Baltic state industry companies.
  • Joining the forces to unify the policies of all three Baltic countries for industry participation at CERN.

Workgroup aimed to boost liaison with industry. ILO (Industry Liaison Officer) is a very important post and must not be underestimated to maximize the return from the participation at CERN. For that ILO work group must involve people with relevant industry links. The work of ILO can start unofficially before the member state status is reached. ILO must be proactive in the group doing his job at the tender writing, helping to identify the necessary companies for the tender. Group is aimed to exchange the experience and find the best possibilities for the all three Baltic states at industry involvement at CERN.

Leader of CERN Baltic Group Industry Group : Dr. Mario Kadastik