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Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Transport and Aeronautics

Studies Office

Studies Office

In the FMETA Studies Office, local graduate and postgraduate students will be helped to address issues directly related to studies.

International students will be served by International Cooperation and Foreign Students Department.

Local part-time students will be helped by Part Time and Evening Studies Department.

Doctoral students are kindly asked to visit Doctoral Studies Department.

In the FMETA Studies Office you will be able to receive written statements for submission to various institutions, such as the bank, the State Revenue Service, the State Social Insurance Agency, etc., to submit scholarship applications, to transfer the subjects of previous studies, to inform about the issues of study attendance, about session extensions, academic vacations, etc.


FMETA Studies Office for local graduate and postgraduate students is located:

Ķīpsalas iela 6b-214 (Head of Studies Office Inese Roze), for following Studies programmes:

  • Automobile Transport (RMCU0, RMGU0, RMDT1)
  • Railway Engineering (RMCHA, RMCHB)
  • Railway Electrical Systems (RECZ0, REGZ0, REGZB)
  • Railway Transport (RMCD0, RMGD0, RMDT2)
  • Industrial Design (RMCX0)
  • Engineering Technology, Mechanics and Mechanical Engineering (RMBM0, RMMM0, RMDM1, RMDM4)
  • Medical Engineering and Physics (RMCF0, RMGF0, RMGI0, RMDM8)

Ķīpsalas iela 6b-212 (Head of Studies Office Dace Šneidere), for following Studies programmes:

  • Mechanical and Instrumental Engineering (RMCN0, RMCNK, RMCNT)
  • Mechatronics (RMCE0)
  • Production Engineering (RMMR0, RMDR1)
  • Heat Power and Heat Engineering (RMCG0, RMCGS, RMGG0, RMGGB, RMDM3)

Ķīpsalas iela 6b-216  (Head of Studies Office Larisa Parkova), for following Studies programmes:

  • Aviation Transport (RMCA0, RMCAM, RMCAE, RMGA0, RMGAB)
  • Transport Systems Engineering (RMCL0, RMGL0, RMGLB)

Office hours:

In view of the current situation, the office visiting hours have been cancelled. We kindly ask to communicate and address matters by telephone and by electronic means. If an appointment is required, the appointment time must be agreed in advance.

Please contact Head of Studies Office:

Inese Roze +371 67089369

Dace Šneidere +371 67089708

Larisa Parkova +371 67089960

Dean's office hours:
Tuesdays 10–12 AM and Thursdays 11–12 AM Ķīpsalas ielā 6b-210.