Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Transport and Aeronautics
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Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Transport and Aeronautics


Many of the inventions of RTU Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Transport and Aeronautics researchers have been successfully applied for and approved by Latvian and international patent organisations. The main patents are summarised in the table below.

Year Patent type Title Authors
2019 National patent Composite Fibre and Production Process Thereof A.Krasņikovs, V.Ā.Lapsa, A.Lukašenoks
2019 National patent Textile Material Reducing Infrared Radiation in the Range of Thermal Spectrum I.Ļašenko, O.Kononova, A.Krasņikovs, J.Ķiploks, A.Viļuma-Gudmona, A.Šenfelds
2019 National patent Composite Material Containing Minispheres Viktors Mironovs, Aleksejs Tatarinovs
2019 National patent Extraction of Metals from Water Solutions A.Šiškins, V. Mironovs, T.Juhna, J. Ozoliņš 
2018 National patent Method of Creating Decorative Protective Coatings for Materials and Products in Vacuum A.Urbahs, K.Savkovs, S.Bogdanova, M.Urbaha, D.Andrejeva
2018 European patent Unmanned Aerial Vehicle for Collecting Samples from the Surface of Water A.Urbahs, V.Zatkēvičs 
2018 National patent Device and Method for Production of Driving Force in Underwater Floating Vehicle J.Auziņš, M.Eimanis, V.Beresņevičs, G.Kuļikovskis
2018 National patent Device and Method for Determination of Sliding Properties J.Lungevičs, E.Jansons, K.A.Gross, K.Stiprais
2018 National patent Toroidal Balancing Device for Rotary Units G.Strautmanis, V.Strautmane, M.Mezītis, A.N.Gorbenko
2018 National patent Method for Production of Nanostructured Composite J.Dehtjars, S.Kronberga, M.Romanova, Ē.Dombrovskis, I.Kozaks
2018 National patent Temperature Shock-Resistant Porous Cordierite Ceramic M.Rundāns, G-M.Sedmale, I.Šperberga
2017 National patent Device for Measuring Electrode Potential A.Urbahs, K.Savkovs, V.Ņesterovskis, G.Rijkuris
2017 Latvian patent Method of Determining Coating Thickness A.Urbahs, K.Savkovs, G.Rijkuris, V.Ņesterovskis, M.Urbaha, K.Carjova
2017 National patent Material for The Heat-Resistant Articles and Coatings Containing Silicon Carbide V.Mironovs, E.Barone, A.Korjakins, A.Šiškins, I.Pundiene
2017 National patent Reinforced Concrete Screw Pile and its Manufacturing Technology V.-Ā.Lapsa, A.Krasņikovs
2017 National patent Reinforced Concrete Screw Pile V.-Ā.Lapsa, A.Krasņikovs
2017 National patent Method for Testing of Products on Vibration Strength M.Zakrževskis, V.Beresņevičs, V.Jevstigņejevs
2017 National patent Equipment for Evaluating the Tribological Properties of Materials V.Mironovs, P.Stankēvičs, J.Rudzītis
2017 National patent Method for Making a Filtering Element of a Water Filter J.Dehtjars, J.Pudnika, T.Juhna, K.Gruškeviča, K.Tihomirova
2017 National patent Eco-friendly Porous Material for Enhancement of Insulation Properties of Hollow Building Blocks and a Method for Obtaining Thereof A.Šiškins, A.Kojakins, V.Mironovs, J.Ozoliņš
2015 National patent Remotely Controllable Airplane Adapted for Belly-landing A.Urbahs, V.Petrovs, A.Jakovļevs, M.Urbaha, V.Bulanovs, I.Ozols 
2014 National patent

Equipment for Measuring of Static Coefficient of Friction and Surface Slip Properties

A. Avišāne, I. Boiko, M. Kumermanis, O. Liniņš, J. Lipenīts, J. Lungevičs, J. Rudzītis