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Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Transport and Aeronautics

Industrial Design

Department of Industrial Design (DID) has developed and implements a professional bachelor's program «Industrial Design» with the aim to provide students with the opportunity to acquire professional knowledge in the field of industrial design, according to the standard of the profession, providing theoretical and practical knowledge in the design and production of products and design elements. The acquired knowledge, skills and competencies will provide an opportunity to work in design and manufacturing companies that design and/or manufacture industrial products or develop design concepts for industrial products, maybe an individual entrepreneur. The studies are in Latvian language.

The academic staff of the department is both experienced and young, knowledgeable and creative, who want to transfer their knowledge and skills to future professionals. Our goal is to teach students to make decisions among different variables. To teach to observe, analyze, create and realize. To motivate to be creative and even bold in implementing their own ideas. 

Here you can find out more about the study programme (in Latvian).

First students graduated the study programme «Industrial Design» and were awarded a professional bachelor's degree in industrial design with the qualifications of an industrial-design engineer. The subjects of student thesis came from places of student apprenticeship or the problems that have been studied in depth and addressed by potential users and professionals, through research on alternatives available on the market, leading to solutions that address the main consumer needs. As a result, prototypes of the product were created along with their cost estimates.

Diāna Ivaškeviča Lifting and Lowering Curtain System
Kristīne Miķelsone Development of Anti-personnel Mine Moulage for Military Training Purposes
Angelina Ovčiņnikova Turning Device for Sheet Music
Dāvis Petrovics Improvement of Fire Safety Device for People with Hearing Impairments
Kaspars Tuņa Multi-functional Playground for Children with Movement Disorders

Study Course Projects

Within the framework of several study courses, students of the industrial design program work on the development of various industrial products and their design elements, starting from sketching and visualization up to the development of technical drawings and technical documentation. Later, in those where load calculations are also performed, the technological process of product manufacturing is studied.