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Faculty of E-Learning Technologies and Humanities


Study programs at FETH have been persistently developed in cooperation with language experts and leading professionals in the translation industry. We embrace the future by tracing the newest trends in education all around the globe. For this reason, we are ultimately committed to the interdisciplinary principle, whereby students acquire diversified yet profound professional knowledge of high practical value.

Professional Bachelor Study Programme «Technical Translation»

RTU FETH paves the way for students' professional and personal development, and this is a core principle of our work. Through the ongoing acquisition of experience, we meet and embrace the challenges posed by continuous internationalization of the contemporary study environment. 

Professional Master Study Programme «Technical Translation»

The Professional Master Study Programme consolidates and expands students' experience, knowledge and skills in field-specific technical translation acquired within the framework of the professional Bachelor study programme. The concept of the study programme differs from similar translation study programmes in Humanities as it covers activities that concern specific practical applications.

Academic Master Study Programme «Digital Humanities»

The Academic Master Study Programme «Digital Humanities» provides training of specialists in digital humanities that can seek employment in governmental institutions, publishing houses, archives, libraries, marketing bureaus, institutions of higher education, life-long learning projects, state, municipal, and private enterprises. The concept of the study programme differs from similar study programmes in either Engineering or Humanities, as it ensures students can receive a double qualification. 

Doctoral Studies

Doctoral Studies comprise theoretical courses, conducted in accordance with the curriculum, and scientific research. Upon completion of the Doctoral Studies, students have to publicly present their Doctoral Thesis.

Study Schedules

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