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Faculty of E-Learning Technologies and Humanities

First in the Baltics: innovative interdisciplinary education

The Faculty of E-Learning Technologies and Humanities is a unique example of successful synergy between engineering sciences and humanities. FETH has become the first faculty in the Baltics to implement a new educational concept, based on convergence between the contrasting fields of study. We believe that future knowledge is interdisciplinary; therefore, the interdisciplinary aspect is clearly manifested and integrated in every study course we offer. Currently, the FELTH implements internationally accredited study programmes in technical translation, e-learning technologies and digital humanities.

Technical translation
Technical translators majoring in all engineering and social sciences as well as highly qualified specialists in e-learning technologies are in the list of FETH graduates. The faculty provides continuous professional training of technical translators in such fields as mechanical engineering, logistics, power engineering, material science, information technologies, telecommunications, civil engineering, architecture etc. The concept of the study programmes differs from similar translation study programmes in Humanities as it has an additional emphasis on applied linguistics that brings in a high added value to your studies at FETH. Interdisciplinary aspect is also clearly manifested within Doctoral studies, as a future researcher can develop one’s Doctoral Thesis under supervision of two scientific advisers – a linguist and a technical discipline specialist. FETH ensures advanced training not only in linguistics and translatology, but also in the relevant scientific and technical fields. That is why not only linguists but also specialists from different faculties of RTU are involved in the academic process. The graduates successfully work in state and municipal institutions, translation bureaus and agencies, industrial enterprises, companies and international organizations. Due to adequate structural subdivision of the study courses, implementation of the programme fully conforms to its aim to educate and train technical translators of high professional qualification. When elaborating the study programme «Technical Translation», the experience gained in such European countries as Denmark, Germany, Norway, and Great Britain (Applied Languages Europe) since 1987 has been taken into consideration. Nowadays, we are the only educational institution in Latvia that implements the study program in technical translation. We are also the only RTU faculty where the number of international students exceeds the number of local students.
Digital Humanities

The Academic Master Study Programme «Digital Humanities» differs from similar study programmes in either Engineering or Humanities, as it ensures students can receive a double qualification. Students with both Bachelor degree in Humantities and related fields and Bachelor degree in Engineering can enroll for the programme. Special adjustment study courses are offered to the students depending on their undergraduate degree, they provide the necessary level of competence in the second major field. Graduates of the study programme should not only develop competence in dealing with the constantly growing volume of information, but also develop subject knowledge in the respective fields.

The value of the Academic Master Study Programme «Digital Humanities» is determined by a great demand for specialists with double qualification and a degree in cross-disciplinary field able to demonstrate multiple competences on the labour market of Latvia and abroad.

Programme «Digital Humanities» ensures teaching ESP on the advanced level, development of research skills, synthesis and integration of skills and competences according to the requirements of the European Union institutions and labour market.

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FETH: The Contemporary Realm of Language Studies

Thanks to the extensive academic experience, FETH providies an expert overview of research in the field of second-language teaching and learning. Our employees actively keep track of innovations and other changes in teaching tendencies on the global scale.