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Faculty of E-Learning Technologies and Humanities

The Institute of Humanities

The institute implements different socio-humaniratian courses for students; its core activities are to provide opportunities for all students to participate in various social projects; besides, the RTU IH implements different pedagogical courses for teachers of vocational training institutions.

Insight into the history of RTU Institute of Humanities (RTU IH)

The Institute of Humanities was established in February 1993. Professor Elmars Murnieks was the first Director of the Institute. The mission of the IH is to implement the basic principles of the European educational paradigm to respect the needs of the society for humanity and spirituality. In 1993, the Department of Sociology and Pedagogy, the Department of Sports, the Department of Philosophy and the Department of Political Science became the structural units of the IH. Nowadays, we are the first Institute of Humanities in Latvia to start training teachers for vocational education institutions.

Over time, the structure of the Institute of Humanities has changed. With the establishment of the RTU Faculty of E-Learning Technologies and Humanities in 2014, the Institute of Humanities was integrated into this faculty. Currently, the HI comprises the Department of Engineering Pedagogy and Psychology and the Department of Social Sciences, which offers RTU students social and humanitarian study courses as well as life-long learning courses to improve the competence of the RTU academic staff in the fields of pedagogy and IT.

Since 2002, the Institute of Humanities has been regularly publishing a collection «Humanities and Social Sciences», providing an insight into the results of research, conducted by HI and other Latvian scientific institutions and foreign scientists. In fact, IH staff has a high scientific qualification - 70% hold a Doctoral degree.

IH contacts:

Acting Head of the Institute of Humanities
Asoc. prof.,  Dr. sc. ing. Gunārs Ozolzīle 

Kronvalda Bouelvard 1–225, Riga

+371 67089154


Head of the Department of Social Sciences
Asoc. prof., Dr. sc. ing. Gunārs Ozolzīle

Kronvalda Bouelvard 1–225/3, Riga

+371 67089154


Acting Head of the Engineering Pedagogy and Psychology Department
Asoc. prof. Dr. psych. Airisa Šteinberga

Kronvalda Bouelvard 1–225/1, Riga

+371 67089152