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Faculty of E-Learning Technologies and Humanities

Why study with us?


  1. The Institute of Applied Linguistics as a part of RTU has excellent technical resources and competences for making our “Technical Translation” programme an attractive study programme.

  2. The language of our programme “Technical Translation” is English, making it unique and competitive among other programmes in translation in Latvia.

  3.  There are budget funded positions at both professional Master and Bachelor study programs. At the end of the academic year, tuition fee paying students may compete for budget places based on their academic results

  4. The Institute of Applied Linguistics has competent teaching staff with expertise in computer science, machine translation, as well as with different humanities disciplines, such as literature, modern languages, theory of translation, culture, etc.

  5. Our Institute of Applied Linguistics develops such essential skills as critical thinking, decision-making, and research writing. We also promote independent thinking, teamwork and tolerance.

  6. An excellent Erasmus network permits students to enrich their degree by studying or doing traineeship abroad.

  7. We are also proud to be a part of the The European Master’s in Translation (EMT) programme of the European Commission project.

  8.  Ample opportunities to attend guest lectures, courses and seminars both in house and remotely.