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All RTU master’s study programs in business and management education enter the world TOP

22nd of April

For the first time all master’s study programs of Riga Technical University (RTU), Faculty of Engineering Economics and Management are included in the prestigious «Eduniversal Best Masters Ranking» of the world’s business schools, confirming the international competitiveness and high employers’ evaluation of education offered by RTU.

The study programs of RTU Faculty of Engineering Economics and Management (FEEM) and RTU Riga Business School (RBS) have been already evaluated for five years, constantly improving the evaluation. This year, three master’s study programs – «Leadership and Management», «Industrial Engineering and Management» and «Occupational safety» – have been additionally included in the ranking, whereas the other programs have received a higher rating than last year.

«The study programs are evaluated by graduates and employers. Increasingly high evaluation is a clear proof of the quality and competitiveness of education – graduates are satisfied with the opportunities that education opens up in the labour market, but employers value and demand educated professionals. The results of this rating are in line with other international assessments of the university’s high reputation in the eyes of employers,» admits Inga Lapiņa, Vice-Dean of RTU Faculty of Engineering Economics and Management.

The study program «Entrepreneurship and Management» has risen the fastest, by five places, in the «Eduniversal Best Masters Ranking». It ranks 31st in its field among the 100 best study programs in the world. Whereas, «Total Quality Management» and «Civil Construction and Real Estate Management» improved the ranking by three places, now ranking ninth among the world’s 100 best quality management programs and 15th among the world’s 50 best real estate management study programs.

The ratings of «Urban and Regional Engineering Economics» (21st place in the field of sustainable development and environmental management) and «Administration of Customs and Taxes» (29th place in the field of taxation) are also better. The newly included programs have also received a good rating. Among the 100 best study programs in environmental safety in the world, «Occupational Safety» ranks 15th, and «Leadership and Management» – 34th in the field of leadership. In turn, «Industrial Engineering and Management» is rated as the fourth best program in its field in Eastern Europe. Among the study programs of Eastern Europe, there are four other programs in the ranking – the MBA program «Innovation and Entrepreneurship» – being the second best in its field, «Business Finance» and «Organization and Management of International Economic Relations» – the third, and «Economics» – the fourth best in their field.

Traditionally, the MBA program «Management of Enterprises and Organizations» implemented by RTU Riga Business School, which has been included in the rating three times, also has a high rating. It is recognized as the fifth best among «Professional MBA», 15th best in the field of marketing and 16th best among «Executive MBA» in Eastern Europe.

The rating is made by the French rating and consulting company SMBG.

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22nd of April at 11:28

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