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Due to the epidemiological situation in the country, lectures at RTU will be organized online

30th of April
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At Riga Technical University (RTU), as of October 8, all lectures will be organized online, but engineering students are allowed to do so on-site laboratory work, but only in small groups and mandatory use of face masks.

Study process

Since the beginning of the autumn semester on September 14, additional safety measures have been introduced, even more stringent than national ones, and a significant part of the lectures have already been carried out online. However, due to the worsening of the epidemiological situation in the country, even stricter rules are being introduced, thus all lectures will be carried out online. RTU actively uses e-study environment that ensures access to study materials, online work and communication between students and academic staff members.

However, classes requiring presence, such as work in laboratories with special equipment, as well as practical work, are allowed on-site in small groups, taking the necessary precautions, as well as introducing mandatory use of face masks.

Student registration is carried out in the on-site classes and each faculty has a designated person responsible for Covid-19 issues who provides support to students and academic staff in Covid-19 related matters.

Special attention – epidemiological safety

Disinfectants are available in all RTU facilities and in addition disinfection is centrally carried out. Disinfectants for individual use are available in the study rooms and hallways.

Posters with information on epidemiological safety measures are placed in well-visible locations, inviting every student, academic staff member, employee to observe their state of health daily, regularly wash and disinfect their hands, observe distancing and all other precautions recommended by the Centre for Disease Prevention and Control.

Scientific Library

Information regarding library availability


Due to the current epidemiological situation theLAB will be working remotely. If you want to laser cut or print, please fill out this form.


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30th of April at 16:35

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