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Faculty of Engineering Economics and Management

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A professional of the 21st century is a cross disciplinary specialist. The studies at the Faculty of Engineering Economics and Management (FEEM) have a clear interdisciplinary character. The study process is oriented towards learning by doing or learning by developing and establishment of an integrated theoretical knowledge base, students develop competencies in new product design and technology transfer, develop their business ideas, raise start-up financing and establish spin-off enterprises.

Faculty of Engineering Economics and Management (FEEM) is one of the nine faculties of Riga Technical University (RTU). It is constantly evolving and expanding. At present we are the biggest faculty at RTU and more than one fourth of approximately 15,000 students of the University study at FEEM, besides that, the Faculty has the biggest number of international, both Exchange and full time, students studying at RTU.

Nowadays FEEM offers higher education of all levels in various specializations in economics, business and management. In comparison with other higher education institutions, where students can acquire programmes related to economics and management, FEEM differs by specializing in specific areas, thus preparing competitive specialists for particular industries. Economists, managers, specialists of real estate, administration of customs and taxes, occupational safety, marketing, logistics, international economic relations, quality management and other spheres, who are prepared by the Faculty, are engaged in the management of economic and business processes in different spheres and the analysis of the results attained. They occupy executive positions in state and municipal institutions, enterprises, non-governmental, international and multinational organizations.

FEEM is proud of its students and graduates, who often become full-time or guest lecturers at the same time being practitioners in their sphere. For the Faculty it is important to provide students with the knowledge and skills that can prepare them for their future careers.

The academic staff are engaged in academic and methodological work and conduct research in different sub-disciplines of economics and management. Work at the Faculty is dynamic and innovative; here science and research are closely linked with practical experience and application. The high quality of studies has been assessed at international level. 
Since 2011 FEEM has been ranked among the world’s 1,000 best business schools by the international rating Eduniversal and from 2016 included in the 4 Palms League, which combines Top business schools with significant international influence in business and management education and recognizes the high quality of studies.

In 2008 the Faculty also became a member of Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME) which means that we are constantly improving the academic environment to meet the global challenges. The Faculty puts forward the mission of PRME to inspire and champion responsible management education, research and thought leadership globally.

The Faculty provides all opportunities to make the studies more attractive, develop the research and raise the level of the education quality. Together, students, academic and administrative staff, we are a wholesome and powerful team. Only by acting together, performing our duties in good faith, responsibly and with due diligence, we can achieve and fulfil all the FEEM goals and objectives.





FEEM study programs are accredited in four study directions.


Riga Technical University takes part in many national and international ratings and comparison tools.


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