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Faculty of Engineering Economics and Management

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The range of research activities at FEEM is broad and deep. Research is conducted in almost every field of economics and management, a very special role is devoted to research in the spheres of occupational safety and customs. Research is supported by scientific and research grants, EU founds and sponsored by research funds from particular industries. Researchers include the academic staff, students, and visiting students, doctoral and post-doctoral students. Within the structure of the Faculty, their research is provided according to scientific interests of institutes and consultancy centres as well as practical training centres:

  • Economic Research Centre of Innovation
  • Entrepreneurship Logistics Research and Study Centre
  • Consultative and Training Centre of the Technogenic Safety
  • Scientific Laboratory of the Technogenic Environment Safety of RTU
  • RTU Scientific Research Laboratory of the Civil Engineering Management and Real Estate;
  • Quality Improvement, Research and Training Centre.

Students work with a cross-disciplinary approach to research. Their scientific elaborations transform the way they understand the world, advancing fields of study, often creating innovations, and generating new knowledge for the benefit of present and future. Also the research allows discovering the link between study fields and disciplines, developing new theories of economics and management.

In our research, the Faculty collaborates with partner institutions across the European Union, Norway, Russia and worldwide. All of our study programmes are elaborated taking into account the latest research findings, current business and management practises. FEEM cooperates with other universities in research, cooperation projects (ESF), Doctoral Thesis evaluation, scientific publications, organization of conferences, organization of the summer school, exchange of scientists and lecturers.