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Application to Demola Autumn 2023 season is open

24th of August

DEMOLA Latvia is an international innovation challenge platform and, in the Autumn season 2023, offers students to develop innovative solutions for challenges created by various Latvian companies and entities as well as open challenges for future trends.

During the Autumn season of 2023, students will address challenges offered by both the industry and Demola Latvia itself, such as Innovative approaches for combating obesity (especially among children) and malnutrition; healthier and greener city environment, and how can a university adapt to have more mature-age students. Two challenges are given by Latvian companies «Sakret» and «Valsts nekustamie īpašumi», offering to create an alternative energy solution for a mobile silo to carry out construction work in places where electrical power is not available and innovative, digital, and sustainable solutions for building maintenance.

Students from any study programme and from any university in Latvia may apply for the programme. More about the program and application (till 07.09.) here.

Description of the challenges you can find here.

Demola activity is a part of the ERDF co-financed project «RTU Student Innovation Grants» Nr., implemented by the Design Factory of the RTU Science and Innovation Centre.

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