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Sandra Treija

Sandra Treija

Dr. arch., profesore
Leading Researcher 

Urban design, urban regeneration, housing quality 



Short Bio:  

Architect, Dr.arch., AF professor. Education: Doctor of Architectural Sciences. Professional experience in the City Planning Department of the City Development Department of the Riga City Council as an architect-planner and project manager (1997-2001). Academic work experience at RTU Faculty of Architecture in various academic positions (since 1998), starting with assistant and ending with professor (since 2012), as well as in administrative positions - Deputy Dean for Studies (from 2001 to 2006), Deputy Dean for Science at work (since 2007). 8 study courses on topics related to urban development and the spatial environment have been prepared and conducted for students of several specialties. Member of the Latvian Union of Architects and member of the Council. Expert of the Latvian Council of Science: field of activity - Humanities and social sciences, Art sciences, incl. architecture: architecture, urban planning, sustainable development, urban ecology, urban landscape, living environment. Coordinator of the National Group of the International Organization Docomomo. S.Treija regularly speaks at international conferences, is the author and co-author of more than 50 scientific publications. Member of the editorial boards of the scientific journals «Architecture and Urban Planning» (RTU) and «Landscape Architecture and Art» (LLU). Reviewer of the scientific journals «Sustainability» and «Energies» of the publishing house MDPI (Switzerland). Three doctoral dissertations have been defended under the supervision of Sandra Treija and currently 4 dissertations are being developed under the supervision of S. Treija. Participated in international and local research projects.  

Research projects: 

  • New Mindset for High-quality European Baukultur: Bridging Digital and Craft, Project Leader from the Partner Institution, Leading Researcher, 2019–2022.  
  • Up-to-date Information Systems in Urban Regeneration, Participant, Leading Researcher, 2020–2022.  
  • Cities & Rail: Increasing potentials for Smart & Just Cities, Participant, Leading Researcher, 2018–2019.  
  • Restructuring of Study Programmes in Architecture to Long-cycle Integrated Master in Line with EU Standards, Project Leader from the Partner Institution, Leading Researcher, 2012–2016.  


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Treija, S., Bratuškins, U., Barvika, S., Bondars, E. (2020) The Liveability of Historical Cities: Current  State  And Prospects For Habitation. Global Dwelling Approaches to Sustainability, Design and Participation. Southampton: WIT Press, 2020, pp. 15–26. ISBN: 978-1-78466-219-6, ISSN: (print) 1746-4498, DOI:10.2495/GD170021.

Bratuškins, U., Treija, S. (2019) Epoch and School: Beginnings of Architectural Education at the Riga Polytechnic. Architecture and Urban Planning. Riga: Riga Technical University/DeGruyter Online, 2019, pp. 75–80, ISSN 2255-8764, DOI 10.2478/aup-2019-0010.  

Krastiņš, J., Bratuškins, U., Treija, S. (2019) Arhitektūras izglītībai Latvijā 150 = Architectural Education in Latvia 150. Rīga: RTU izdevniecība, 2019, 208 pp., ISBN 978-9934-22-362-4.

Treija, S., Bratuškins, U. (2019) Socialist Ideas and Physical Reality: Large Housing Estates in Riga, Latvia. Housing Estates in the Baltic Countries. Cham: SpringerOpen, 2019, pp. 161–180, ISSN 2365-757X, ISBN 978-3-030-23391-4, DOI 10.1007/978-3-030-23392-1.  

Bratuškins, U., Treija, S., Babris, M. (2018) Non-formal Education in Architecture: Latvian Experience. Journal of Architecture and Urbanism, vol. 24, issue 1. Vilnius: VGTU Press, 2018, pp. 46–51. ISSN 2029-7955, DOI 10.3846/jau.2018.1843.

Treija, S., Bratuškins, U., Koroļova, A. (2018) Urban Densification of Large Housing Estates in the Context of Privatization of Public Open Space: the Case of Imanta, Riga. Architecture and Urban Planning. Riga: Riga Technical University/DeGruyter Online, 2018, pp. 105–110, ISSN 2255-8764, DOI 10.2478/aup-2018-0014.

Bratuškins, U., Treija, S. (2018) Up-to-date Public Open Space in Interactive Historical Environment: Riga City Centre. Proceedings of the International Symposioum for Planet Earth, Florence: Fondazione Romualdo Del Bianco, 2018, pp. 187–192. ISBN 9788840474557.

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