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Lita Akmentiņa

Lita Akmentiņa

Dr. rer. nat.

Participatory planning, e-participation, urban shrinkage 



Short Bio:  

Lita Akmentiņa is a post-doctoral researcher working on a research project «E-participation in Urban Planning in the Baltic States: experiences, impact, and potentials» since 2020. Before that, she studied under the umbrella of Dresden Leibniz Graduate School and obtained her doctoral degree from Dresden University of Technology (Germany) in 2017. Her research interests include urban shrinkage, urban resilience, smart cities, specifically smart governance and e-participation, sustainable urban development, urban transformation, participatory planning, and neighborhood activism.  

Research projects:   

E-participation in urban planning in the Baltic States: experiences, impact, and potentials (ERDF, Grant No., Researcher, 2020-2023  


Akmentiņa, L. E-Participation and Engagement in Urban Planning: Experiences from the Baltic Cities. Urban Research & Practice, 2022, Vol. 15, pp.1-34. ISSN 1753-5069. e-ISSN 1753-5077. Available here.

Akmentiņa, L. Participatory Planning in Post-Socialist Cities: A Case Study of Riga. Architecture and Urban Planning / Arhitektūra un pilsētplānošana, 2020, Vol. 16, No. 1, pp. 17-25. e-ISSN 2255-8764. Available here. 

Akmentiņa, L. Resilience to Urban Shrinkage in Riga. Doctoral Thesis, 2018. Available here.

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