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Anna Oļha

Anna Oļha

Mg. arch., Mg. oec. 
PhD Student

Age-Inclusive, Smart City, Intergenerational, Sustainable design, Social Integration 


Short Bio:   

Anna Oļha is PhD student in Riga Technical University Faculty of Architecture. Her thesis research topic is «Adaptation of he Living Environment to the Global Aging Trend».   

In 2020 she obtained M. Sc. Arch. degree from Riga Technical University faculty of Architecture, in 2018 Dipl. Arch degree from RISEBA University faculty of Architecture, but in 2005 MEconSc. degree in Business administration from the University of Latvia Faculty of Business, Management and Economics.  

Since 2019 she is working as an Architect in Architectural Bureau «ARHIS ARCHITECTS» LTD, prior to that, she worked as a project manager at the Investment Department of NORVIK Banka, in Riga Shipping Company, in newspaper «My House» and other places.  

The scope of her research interests include: smart, age-inclusive city development features, its strategies and directions, as well as adaptation options of the living and public environment to the global aging tendency.  

Research projects:  

  • Participation in science innovation cooperation platforms «DEMOLA LATVIA» project «Diversity: Inclusion of disabled employees at RIMI stores» 2019-2020.  
  • Participation in Nordic Welfare Centre project «Smart cities are universally designed - Combating Loneliness and social isolation for the older adults» 2020-2021.  


Stellmach T., Celmiņš V., Paklone I., Olha A., and others. Re-evaluating urban potential of university campuses pilot study cases: Riga left bank of Daugava. Knowledge Mail project published B-Book series (volume I, II and III). Rīga: RISEBA Publishing House, 2017g., available from Academia Publication home page.

Oļha A., Use of balconies and loggias of model apartments. Analytical article in the magazine «Latvian Architecture», Nr. LA133, 11/2017. Riga, publishing house LILITA., 104 p., pp. 80-82.  

Oļha A., Adaptive Cohabitation of different generations.  Analytical article in the magazine «Latvian Architecture», Nr. LA138, 04/2018. Riga, publishing house LILITA., 96 p., pp.86-90. 

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