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Anita Antenišķe

Anita Antenišķe

Mg. arch.

History of architecture, challenges of contemporary architecture and regeneration of urban space 



Short Bio:

Anita Antenišķe is architect, Mgr. arch. (1999), and lecturer at the Faculty of Architecture of Riga Technical University, teaching architectural design for more than 20 years. Her research interests span from the history of architecture towards challenges of contemporary architecture and regeneration of urban space. She has authored more than 100 contributions in Latvian and English (in Latvijas architektūra, A10 magazine etc.), and her research papers on industrial heritage and Art Nouveau architecture of Latvia presented in numerous conferences can be found in scientific press, both printed and online. She is a member of the Industrial Heritage Trust of Latvia and DoCoMoMo Latvia; she has coordinated Latvian participation in Reseau Art Nouveau Network, and she has worked as an expert for the State Culture Capital Foundation of Latvia and for the State Inspection for Heritage Protection, and helped in activities of Latvian Union of Architects.


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