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Practice report

In most cases, the period for promotion of practical skills specified in the competition regulation is not coordinated with the minimum period of compulsory internship for students of the educational establishment concerned and students have the possibility to participate in places of practice offered by RTU Development Fund and its cooperation partners on a voluntary basis. Still, students who win the competition and acquire places of practice have the opportunity to apply to their educational establishment with a request to credit the obtained practice as the passed internship.

To do it, the student should:

  • Download and complete the practice report form;
  • Ask the Head of Practice at the company to sign and approve its content;
  • Ask the Head of Practice at the company to prepare and sign the student’s reference not later than a month prior to the expiry of the practice period;
  • Submit the completed and signed Practice Report and the Student’s Reference to RTU Development Fund at 3 Paula Valdena Street, Room 236, LV-1048.

Having received the aforementioned documents, RTU Development Fund will prepare a statement for the student’s educational establishment, allowing it to consider an opportunity of crediting the student’s participation in the practical skills promotion activities as the passed internship.