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What is the practice competition?
The competition means that, when applying for a particular place of practice, the company's representatives will evaluate all the applications received and give an assessment on each of the applicants to choose the best candidate for the offered place of practice. Each applicant shall be evaluated based on the criteria referred to in the competition procedure. Most commonly, the student's skills and motivation to work in the company are assessed, in some cases also the student’s achievements. If required, representatives of the company invite applicants to be interviewed on-site or online, in order to find out additional information or request to complete tests for establishing the level of knowledge.
What is the competition procedure (regulation)?
When the company decides to announce application for the practice, we help to prepare the competition procedure. Taking into account the practice assignments offered by the company and the desired requirements, the company takes a decision on the scholarship amount, which cannot be changed during the practice. Therefore, there is a possibility that, in similar places of practice, the amount of the scholarship differs because of different assignments and requirements..
What information in the competition procedure (regulation) should one pay attention to?

The competition procedure provides the entire information needed prior to applying for a place of practice:

  • study fields and universities which students may apply (students of other educational establishments can also apply, but, in this case, it is required from the respective educational establishment to prepare a practice agreement);
  • company which offers the place of practice;
  • name of the place of practice;
  • practice period (from one to 12 months);
  • criteria for evaluating candidates, for example, motivation and skills;
  • practice assignments which comply with the trainee’s field of studies;
  • requirements to the trainee, for example, language skills, basic skills with computer programs significant for the respective industry or other experience;
  • benefits for a student, for example, training and development opportunities, possibility of implementing one’s ideas, free snacks and beverages, etc.
How much time has to be spent at the practice?

The procedure of each competition indicates both the period of practice and the number of hours to be spent at the practice. However, when agreeing upon with the Head of Practice, it is possible to adjust the period of practice when the practice is passed on a voluntary basis or during the period of compulsory internship established by the higher education establishment. If you have previously informed the Head of Practice, you may also spend less hours at the practice than indicated in the competition procedure. It should only be remembered that, in this case, we will calculate the amount of the monthly scholarship in proportion to the time spent at the practice and the performance. Similarly, if you see that you can actually spend more hours at the practice than indicated in the competition procedure, then, in this case too, we will calculate the practice scholarship in proportion to the time spent at the practice.

May students of other universities apply for the scholarships?
Yes, unless otherwise provided in the competition procedure, students of any vocational technical school or general secondary education institution or full-time, part-time or extramural studies of any level from a study programme licensed in the Republic of Latvia may be eligible for the announced scholarships. The procedures for the granting of a scholarship (regulation) is prepared for each scholarship competition, in which the scholarship grantor determines the audience allowed to apply for the scholarship.
When will the results of the competition be known?
The evaluation and selection process lasts, on average, for two weeks; however, in the event of interviews with the candidates taking place within the framework of the competition, this process may last longer. All applicants will receive e-mails about the competition results.
What are my obligations, if I get the scholarship?
The competition rules are defined in the procedure (regulation) for granting the scholarship, which may include requirements to be observed during the period of receiving the scholarship, such as to study with the specified level of achievements, to perform research and submit reports, to attend activities for the promotion of practical skills. In the event of changes of any circumstances concerning the receipt of the scholarship or the competition requirements, the trainee must inform us about that.
Is it possible to receive several scholarships simultaneously?
Yes, unless otherwise provided in the competition procedure (regulation), it is possible to receive several scholarships simultaneously. In the event the other scholarship is granted by another fund, the rules regarding its receipt, including about restrictions, should be read thoroughly.
Is it possible to combine the practice for which the scholarship is granted with a compulsory internship?
Yes, students, at their initiative, have a possibility to credit the practice passed at a company as their compulsory internship within the framework of the study process or the “C” part course, having agreed this upon with the study programme administration.
Is the received scholarship regarded as income to be entered in the annual income declaration?
No, in accordance with the Cabinet Regulation No. 337 “Procedure for the Exemption of Scholarships from Taxation with Personal Income Tax”, the scholarships paid by us are exempted from taxation, as they are paid in conformity with the regulation developed by the Fund, which is registered at the State Revenue Service.
Can I apply for the practical skills promotion scholarship if currently I am on an academic leave?
Yes, all persons having the student’s status can apply for the practical skills promotion scholarship competition, including those who are on an academic leave.
Can students studying in other countries apply for the scholarship competitions?
No, only students from study programmes licenced in Latvia can apply for the competitions.
If I receive the practical skills promotion scholarship, will my parents continue receiving a personal income tax relief for me as a dependant?
Yes, as the practical skills promotion scholarship is not considered to be an income taxable with a payroll tax.
How are the amounts of the practice scholarships calculated? 

At the end of each month, we contact the Head of Practice at the company to find out how much time the trainee has spent at the practice during that month. We calculate the amount of the scholarship on the basis of the number of working hours in a given month, the scholarship amount indicated in the competition procedure and the time spent at the practice.

It means that, if a scholarship of EUR 200 is set in the competition procedure for the practice of 30 hours a week, but there are 80 hours spent at the practice, the calculation will be as follows: EUR 200 : 114 hours* * 80 hours = EUR 140.35.

*The number of working hours in May 2020 is 152 hours, but, equating it to the part-time work or 30 hours a week, we get 114 hours.

Is it possible to refuse from receiving the scholarship / terminate the practice? 

Yes, having notified the scholarship grantor and us or, in the case of practice, the Head of Practice about it in time (at least five days in advance), allowing the company to search for another trainee in your place. The trainees are offered to sign our application for the cessation of the scholarship.