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The origins of the RTU Institute of Applied Linguistics (IAL) date back to the Riga Polytechnical Institute Department of Foreign Languages, established in 1958. In the 1990s the Department of Foreign Languages was reformed into the Institute of Applied Linguistics. Presently the Institute incorporates the Professor’s Group of the Latvian Language, the Professor’s Group of English, and the Professor’s Group of German. The institute has lasting experience in teaching scientific and special-field terminology (ESP), and in the development and modernization of the methodology for translation of technical texts.
The IAL provides foreign language courses to students of all RTU faculties. Every year the interest in foreign languages increases, which is also demonstrated by the fact, that students actively participate in the annual RTU students scientific conferences with reports prepared in a foreign language (in 2006/2007 there were 122 presentations in English and German).
In 1996, the RTU Institute of Applied Linguistics launched a higher professional study programme «Technical Translation» for undergraduate (Bachelor) and postgraduate (Master) study levels, preparing technical translators to work as personal assistants and researchers in the fields of information technology, telecommunications, materials science, construction, architecture and urban planning, engineering economics, and other fields of engineering sciences.
RTU is one of the tertiary establishments in Latvia teaching its students to cognize the world. Cognition of the world is based on the ability to speak the same language. The Institute of Applied Linguistics prepares technical translators, provides knowledge facilitating performance of work, studies and exchange of experience in other countries, and professional and private communication in a foreign language medium. 


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