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The Riga Technical Univerity Institute of Humanities was established in 1993. Today the core of the Institute is its two departments: the Department of Social Sciences and  the Department of Sport.
The mission of the institute is to contribute to the development of critically thinking and creative individuals, capable of flexibly adapting to the changing environment and being ready to constantly learn new things and tackle problems, as well as to develop their cross-cultural awareness and understanding and adherence to universal human values.

The Focus areas of the Institute of Humanities are:

  • provision of social subjects and humanities block and sports activities to RTU students;
  • provision of further education courses;
  • provision of courses for school teachers for acquiring fundamentals of pedagogy. Professional advancement course for academic staff of tertiary establishments. Development of competences of academic staff in pedagogy and IT;
  • research.

The academic staff of the institute ensure a high level of tuition in social subjects and humanities, and implement professional study programmes for teachers of professional schools (trade schools, technical schools, colleges, etc.) having no pedagogical qualification, as well as provide pedagogy focused educational programmes.

The institute has an integral role in the RTU, since studies of social subjects and humanities have a special place in the study process in a technical sciences oriented university – for many RTU students these courses open up new horizons and allow them to look at the world from a broader perspective, not limited only within their special field. Taking into account that the Institute of Humanities teaches both students and instructors, the university can really benefit from further productive collaboration with professionals of the institute, whose personality, work and perception of the world can strongly influence the applicants’ choice of a particular field of studies.


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